Conservatives and the Marriage Debate

The same-sex “marriage” vote in Ireland marks the largest victory for the LGBT movement thus far.  It’s quite a feather in the gay boa – an apparent success in yanking one of the most heterosexual cultures on Earth out of the closet. In truth, the vote was very likely a rebuke to the Catholic Church, which in Ireland, as everywhere else in the industrialized West, hired a lot of gays to act as priests, who exploited numberless teenage boys for sexual purposes, and then did nothing about it.  The Irish Church tried to coast through the crisis, and this is its reward – a fitting one. We can add the fact the Irish Church did nothing to defend marriage from the current assault.  I know that without even researching it, because the American Church is effectively an extension of the Irish Church, and the American Church has done nothing to protect marriage during the current debate.  A serious, well-organized, and well-funded response...(Read Full Article)