Black Mob Violence In Swimming Pools. A Long History

The Washington Post wasted no time in explaining why 200 black people at a private pool in McKinney, Texas attacked members of the club, bullied their children, destroyed their property, and assaulted their security guard when he invited them to leave. White racism. “America’s swimming pools have a long, sad, racist history,” intoned the Post a few days after the now infamous episode of aquatic black mob violence. “They’ve long been contested spaces where we express prejudices that otherwise remain unspoken.” The Post columnist, Jeff Wiltse, knows all about that because of all the bad things that happened 80-90 years ago when then, as now, black people were inexorable victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere and that explained everything. Since the Post story, black mob violence at swimming pools has erupted at least two more times. Once, last Tuesday in Fairfield, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. Video shows a mob of...(Read Full Article)