Was Muhammad an Epileptic?

This article explores the possibility that Muhammad's belief he was in communion with the divine was due to epilepsy, a neurological disorder that plagued him throughout his life. This is crucial for understanding the shaky foundation Islam rests on because it is based entirely on his claim that God talked to him through an angel. Muslims are raised with the idea that God talked to Muhammad and dictated the Koran to him. This idea forms the foundation of his religion: “There is but one God, and Muhammad is his messenger” is the primary declaration of faith.  Allah, the belief goes, transmitted his eternal word to an angel who then conveyed it to Muhammad either in person or through inspirational means. An old illustration of the Angel Gabriel "revealing" the Koran to Muhammad This is what Muhammad claimed about himself, so this is what his followers believe. However, to people who undertake an objective reading of the Koran and an...(Read Full Article)