The Left's Rejection of Good Faith

Leftist ideology has ravaged many urban African-American communities by attacking the concept of personal responsibility and replacing it with ideas of victimization and endemic persecution.  Unfortunately, the election of the first African-American president, which might have helped reverse this process, only accelerated it. President Obama and former Attorney General Holder have sought to further legitimize the concept of ongoing oppression, and have embraced its most odious champions, such as racemonger Al Sharpton.  But this is old news. The Baltimore riots and other perceived acts of police injustice also demonstrate is the left’s corresponding demolition of the concept of good faith -- that human agency is imperfect and that good people can do things that lead to bad outcomes without evil intent or legal liability.  It’s tough to convict police officers of misconduct because juries instinctively understand that most officers are decent public...(Read Full Article)