Sky-High College Costs and Student Mental Health Care

Track star and Ivy-League freshman student Madison Holleran, age 19, had been a “happy go lucky,” though achievement-oriented, kid all her life, according to her father.  She had no history of mental illness.  At home for Christmas break last year, she broke down and told her parents that she had been having suicidal thoughts and was depressed.  Her mother said that “I was shocked.  She’s never been depressed before,” according to the Daily Mail.  “I knew she needed a therapist, but I couldn’t get her an appointment because it was the weekend.” Madison seemed to respond somewhat to the TLC she received at home.  Her parents begged her to transfer to an easier school and not go back to UPenn, but she insisted.  Back in the dorms, she declined again.  Her father texted her to plead that she see a regular therapist and consider anti-depressant medication, and Madison agreed.  But the pretty,...(Read Full Article)