Remember Heroic Dog-Handler Teams on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday to remember all the military men and women who died while serving their country.  Americans should observe this holiday by visiting cemeteries and memorials, or gathering with a family of the fallen, instead of attending sales.  This year, American Thinker decided to pay homage to those who are always on the front lines and have saved many American lives: dog handlers and their four-legged partners. Ever since World War II, military working dogs and their handlers have been an important and worthy part of the war effort.  All interviewed regard this as one of the top five most dangerous combat duties.  The dog team’s job is to be out front and make a safe passage for all those who follow.  In essence, they are both the first line of offense and defense, whose sole duty is to save the lives of America’s finest.  Retired gunnery sergeant Kris Knight noted to American Thinker, “Look at this one statistic: in a...(Read Full Article)