How Stephanopolous Tried to Save Hillary in 2008

Like Philip Carey, the protagonist of Somerset Maugham’s Of Human Bondage, Clinton aide and current ABC grandee, George Stephanopoulos, has repeatedly sought the love and approval of a woman who simply does not have love in her bag of tricks. That woman, of course, would be Hillary Clinton. In the film version of Maugham’s novel, Bette Davis played the cold-heated temptress Milldred. She would have been great in the role of Hillary. For that matter, Leslie Howard would have done a bang up job as the love-sick, weak-kneed Stephanopoulos. For all his fecklessness, Stephanopoulos made a bold attempt to save Hillary’s candidacy when he “moderated” a primary debate in April 2008, and he might even have succeeded had his media buddies not already decided their job was to elect Barack Obama. In the way of background, Stephanopolous served as a top advisor to Bill Clinton both on the campaign trail in 1992 and during the first term of the Clinton...(Read Full Article)