Mad Max and the Dream-Work of Homosexuality

Carl Gustav Jung became famous with his theory of a “collective unconscious.”  This was an aggregation of all the suppressed ideas and thoughts, which Freud had catalogued half a century earlier.  For Jung, the suppressed or unacknowledged psyche existed not as purely individual adaptations, but rather in a universal form residing in the burrows of every human being’s mind. A semi-psychoanalytic reading of Mad Max: Fury Road Jung’s theory hasn’t crossed my radar in a long time, but a recent film made it suddenly relevant.  The film Mad Max: Fury Road seems to be an eruption of suppressed anxieties about society’s mass fascination with homosexuality.  The final cut is likely at odds with the progressive beliefs of its creative team, at least as individuals.  I can’t imagine Charlize Theron ever publicly disagreeing with the Human Rights Campaign or with Mary Bonauto.  Bonauto is the attorney who eagerly told...(Read Full Article)