9th Circuit Court's Democratic Campaign Contribution

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has handed a gift to the Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate campaign, allowing Ms. Harris to collect confidential taxpayer information about donors to charities and nonprofit advocacy organizations, all without probable cause and a warrant. The leftwing Harris is currently California’s Attorney General, and is touted by some as “the next Barack Obama.” She also is the state’s top charity regulator. The court said she may collect names of top donors to all charities and nonprofit advocacy organizations for “law enforcement” reasons even without a hint of lawbreaking. This will undoubtedly intimidate nonprofit critics of her policies. The plaintiff seeking to block Harris’ access to donor names, the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), said this widespread and arbitrary collection of confidential taxpayer information chills First Amendment rights and violates federal taxpayer privacy laws. Charities and...(Read Full Article)