Why Hillary Can't Be in the Moment

Watching Hillary Clinton reach out and touch ordinary Americans is excruciating. In working a crowd of regular folks, Hillary is fingernails on the blackboard in a pantsuit. It is difficult to imagine anyone more out of touch with her own affect, movement, and connection to the people around her. She is unable to talk, touch, listen or smile in a natural manner. She doesn't seem to know what to do with her hands, where to direct her eyes, her scope of awareness is restricted. A blind person with a stick would be better than Hillary Clinton at reading people around her. In the staged and rigidly controlled glimpses of her, we see people positioned a handshake away wishing to be noticed by this woman who may be the next president, growing discouraged and becoming commensurately uncomfortable because Hillary can't see them. Everyone is down on Hillary. The right hates her for moral, patriotic, and ideological reasons, the left wing has a worsening case of Hillaphobia....(Read Full Article)