Three Reasons Hillary Won't Win the Democratic Ticket

At this point, I understand how this prediction will be received.  It’s been common belief for some time that Hillary Clinton would headline the ticket.  And there’s ample reasoning to think that she will.  So let’s begin there. First, she’s got something that more than half of the field doesn’t have.  Namely, a pair of x chromosomes; she’s a woman (and not the Bruce Jenner kind).  As such, opposition to her ascendency to the highest seat of political power in America can immediately be panned as archaic fear among a misogynistic rabble of conservative men (and the crowing of millions of simple and unliberated conservative women that are subservient to them, no doubt) before any policy positions are considered.  The Republican “War on Women” farce was established during the 2012 campaign season, and it was lapped up by the media to great effect.  There’s no reason to think that her campaign...(Read Full Article)