The Hispanic Media and Republicans

Like a lot of people, I find the conventional wisdom about how Republicans need to appeal to minorities to be extremely naïve, and frankly, hopeless. Case in point: the Spanish speaking media. Univision’s number one concern is amnesty for illegal immigrants. Immigration reform (good) and immigration law enforcement (bad) constitute the two most heavily covered domestic issues on Univision and Telemundo. It’s practically wall to wall coverage. Univision sometimes takes a break from that line to delve into domestic politics. We are curtly informed by a Democratic Estratega that though it is historic to have two Hispanics seeking the Republican nomination, they aren’t really good for Hispanics after all. My translation of Freddy Balsera: “The Hispanics want to vote for someone whose priorities align with the priorities of the Hispanic community.  And in this case, neither Marco Rubio nor Ted Cruz is on the trajectory to reconcile...(Read Full Article)