The Clinton Myth

Democrats carefully preserve political myths.  This is how they raise up to greatness awful presidents like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, and Clinton.  (Even Democrats do not try to pretend that LBJ and Carter were anything but wretched presidents.)  These five Democrat presidents, however, were anything but great. Woodrow Wilson was an idealist, we are told, but Wilson re-segregated the federal civil service, showed the KKK-adoring Birth of a Nation in the White House, brought America into the First World War for no good reason, savaged the civil rights of those who opposed our involvement in the war, and then bungled the peace so badly that Mussolini and Hitler found the path to power easy by lambasting Wilson’s duplicity. FDR, we are told, saved America from the Depression and won the Second World War, but FDR made the Depression much worse while debilitated federalism.  He too attacked civil liberty.  He waged war incompetently and...(Read Full Article)