#Take Back Our Kids

Our nineteen-fifty-something station wagon was loaded with Mom, Dad, big fat Aunt Nee (300lbs ), me and four younger siblings. Aunt Nee raised my dad; his surrogate mom. Our family was excited about spending a hot summer day at Carr's Beach, Maryland. I had no idea at that time that it was the only Maryland beach open to blacks. Before hitting the road to the beach, the ritual included riding from our black suburban community into Baltimore City to pick up Aunt Nee and stopping down “Jew Town” to purchase corned-beef and a bread that the adults loved. I did not get a sense that my parents calling it “Jew Town” was meant in a derogatory way. It was simply an area of Baltimore filled with Jewish businesses that sold great food. As a matter of fact, most of the corner stores in black neighborhoods were owned by Jews.  Blacks purchased items without cash, put on their account. Storeowners would log items in their book; no bulletproof wall and...(Read Full Article)