Seven Reasons China Will Start a War By 2017

China will start its war for a number of reasons: Regime Legitimacy Very few people in China believe in communism anymore, including almost all of the 80 million members of the Chinese Communist Party.  The party itself is now a club for mutual enrichment.  The legitimacy of the party ruling China is derived from the notions that democracy does not suit China and that the party is the organisation best placed to run the country.  The latter is based on an ongoing improvement in conditions for the bulk of the population.  In the absence of economic improvement, some other reason must be found for the population to rally around the party’s leadership.  This may explain the sudden base-building that started in the Spratly Islands in October 2014.  China’s public debt grew from US$7 trillion in 2007 to US$28 trillion in 2014.  This is on an economy of US$10 trillion per annum.  A high proportion of the economic growth of...(Read Full Article)