Nuclear Breakout by Iran and North Korea

This from Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post on April 3: … we are now facing the unfolding disaster that Obama has wrought. … the US has just given the Iranians a green light to behave as if they have already built their nuclear umbrella. … [T]he US and its partners have just removed all significant obstacles from their path to nuclear capabilities. The Iranians know it. Their proxies know it. Their enemies know it. … The surrounding Arab states led by Saudi Arabia are pursuing nuclear weapons. Don’t look now, but North Korea is a nuclear power today, with missiles able to strike Japan, and soon Hawaii and California. The Norks got a free pass, because Bill Clinton’s SecState, Madeleine Albright, faked an agreement with Kim Jong-il in 2000, supposedly to stop uranium enrichment and missile development. Then the Norks violated it, as everybody knew they would.  Today North Korea has nuclear bombs and...(Read Full Article)