Natural Born GOP Presidential Candidates

“Birthers are crazy,” according to a recent Facebook post by one of my respected conservative friends, and they just need to “shut up” about Senators Cruz and Rubio and Governor Jindal being eligible for the presidency as “natural born citizens.” To a certain extent, my friend is right. Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal are eligible. Because as another friend, attorney Monte Kuligowski, explained, the precedent has been set with the election of Barack Obama: a person born a US citizen, even with dual citizenship of another country, is eligible for the presidency. If Obama was eligible, those Republicans, too, are eligible. Not all “birthers,” however, are crazy. While some “anti-birthers” (from both parties) are loath to admit it now, “birtherism” never centered on belief in Obama’s old claim of his Kenyan birth or the mystery of his birth certificate, but rather his dual citizenship at birth. The arguments that...(Read Full Article)