How the Environmentalists are Destroying California

If you drive through California’s Central Valley, you will see, along both sides of the ribbon of highway, acres of scorched earth. The arid land goes on in some places as far as the eye can see. This land was once rich in fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Now it is a wasteland, a seemingly endless expanse of brown, dry, and barren earth. Periodically you will see a billboard, welcoming you to the manmade California desert, which displays mocking appreciation for some of our more notable Democratic elected officials who have helped in this creation. California is experiencing the fourth year of a severe drought, a condition not exactly uncommon in a climate that has only six months of rain. Political and legal decisions made over the last forty years have added to the drought’s severity.   If you want to know what life would be like in an environmentalist-dominated society, take a drive up Interstate 5. Environmentalists sacrificed this productive land on the...(Read Full Article)