Hillary, the Loser

Hillary has already lost one presidential campaign. This fact was stuffed down the memory hole so fast that it took a large number of political commentators along with it. How else do we explain how, in all the discussions of the upcoming elections, it has simply failed to come up? Nobody talks about it. It’s as if it didn’t happen. It’s a rule in American politics that a major figure who blows one presidential campaign has little hope for a second act. But like all other rules, this one goes by the board when the name “Clinton” is involved. This is particularly true in light of the way she lost. She didn’t simply lose the nomination, or the general election. She lost in one of the most ignominious ways possible: a pure dark horse appeared out of left field (metaphors have a life of their own, don’t they?) blew straight past her, and relegated her to an unimpressive second by the time the convention rolled around. For any other...(Read Full Article)