Defending the Right to Discriminate

The Orwellian perversion of language by the left is intended to keep us from thinking clearly.  As Orwell predicted in 1984, the destruction of distinction in words is at the heart of this thought control.  The vocabulary in Oceania was collapsing into a tight prison lexicon, which deprived its subjects from even grasping vital ideas.  Evidence of this can be seen in the venom spat by leftist cadres at the word “discriminate.”  We must not, leftists tell us, “discriminate.”  What sickness, and what madness!  Discrimination is the very heart of freedom and the very essence of morality.  The only way we can use our minds and our souls as individuals trying to seek what is good and what is true is by discriminating. Unless we live in an ant colony or in Oceania, the independent mind and personal conscience are dead if forced into uniformity with the truncheon of government power.  What this means is that old laws that...(Read Full Article)