Climate Sensitivity: the Victimization Game

Climate sensitivity continues to be a crucial factor in science-based attempts to predict the warming or cooling of the atmosphere in response to changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Eighteen plus years of real world data indicate a much lower level of sensitivity than assumed by climate modelers and climate alarmists. That is not the type of climate sensitivity to be discussed here. Rather, it is the sensitivity to discussing climate issues that has expressed itself in the general press as a threat to logical and open discourse. This is manifested by the post-normal science invocation of the precautionary principle blended with political correctness and imputed psychological harm. Sensitivity and victimization claims have become tools to muzzle a variety of free-speech activities. With a specifically attuned mindset it is not difficult to imagine topics whose free and open discussion might offend the sensitivities of selected groups. Within the current universe of sensitivity...(Read Full Article)