Call Her Madame Ka-Ching

The last time she ran for president, her posters shouted “Hillary!”  This was an obvious tribute to the belief that she was so well known and we’d be so excited she was available that a shout out was called for. Now, we’re informed she’s planning a tasteful, quiet rollout via video where no questions can or will be asked. An aide announced this week that calling Hillary “Hillary” is now “sexist.” Following that admonition and in light of what we know of her consummate corruption and opacity I think we should call her Madame Ka-Ching. A.) The Clintons, an ongoing criminal enterprise This week, Ace of Spades and The Hill and International Business Times, which he cites, have the latest on Madame Ka-Ching: A few weeks ago, I wrote about Frank Guistra, a mining magnate -- that means oil -- who gave the Clinton Foundation up to fifty [ed: actually , it turned out to be $130] million dollars. [snip] and lo and...(Read Full Article)