Who Will Keep The Cap On Hillary's Sewer Pipe?

Hillary Clinton’s twin eruptions, revelations about the Clinton Foundation slush fund and her private email system fiasco, are testing Hillary’s plumbing tradecraft in keeping the Clinton sewer pipe from blowing its cap. Forty years of unseemly, unethical, and illegal effluent, effortlessly and unabashedly discharged by both Bill and Hillary may have finally splashed over the manhole covers on their political septic tank, clogged the leach field, and now backing up into the house threatening to splatter their live-in coterie. No mere journeyman plumber can fix these breaches; only operating engineers with a commercial grade backhoe, and a few tons of hydraulic cement might have a chance. Is Hillary Clinton’s sleaze factor and plumber’s license inherited or acquired? What difference at this point does it make?  Her genome map is unlikely to ever be revealed.  Nonetheless the presentation of her ethics deficit, and her defense of all that is...(Read Full Article)