What Does Obama See in Susan Rice?

Susan Rice looks perennially like a deer caught in the headlights.  No matter what her appointed position happens to be in this administration – whether U.S. ambassador to the United Nations or national security advisor – she has assumed the unenviable role of acquiescent apologist, shoved into the spotlight at times of tension to explain this administration's actions and to impugn the motives of anyone who questions them. Despite her long and sometimes contentious government service, whose negotiating style has been described by some security council diplomats as "rude" and "blunt," Susan Rice appears to be an easy enough supplicant for brow-beating into compliance by her present boss.  She might be compared to the clean-up guy who is handed a shovel and told to use it behind the equestrian unit in a parade.  So why would she agree to do this? Susan Rice has followed the all too familiar path from Ivy League academic to...(Read Full Article)