The Washington Post Sugarcoats Obama's Communist Mentor

Someone in the mainstream press has finally bothered to look into Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist Party member who influenced a young Obama from 1970-79, the long period of our current president’s adolescence. It took Rudy Giuliani to call out Davis for the media to at long last hazard a look. As soon as Rudy dared do so, he naturally became the story rather than Obama or Davis. The story became Rudy’s outlandish claims rather than Davis’s outlandish politics or the outlandish reality that the current leader of the free world had a formative influence who was a devout communist who joined the Party under Stalin. The article was published by the Washington Post in the form of one those “fact check” thingies. Conservatives no doubt assume that the Post’s final judgment was as preordained as a Soviet show trial. Yes, there would be the appearance of an investigation, with a limited degree of evidence presented, but, in the end, the verdict was...(Read Full Article)