The Tipping Point for American Jews?

American Jews are anything but monolithic in opinion.  The first great conservative leader of postwar America was also the only major party nominee of Jewish descent: Barry Goldwater.  During the Cold War, individual American Jews made enormous contributions to the cause of liberty. Admiral Rickover almost single-handedly created the most effective part of our Triad Defense System: nuclear submarines.  Morris Childs, the highest-ranking FBI agent in the Communist Party USA, provided our government with priceless intelligence collected within the Kremlin’s inner sanctum, knowing that if caught he would be tortured to death.  AT contributor Herb Meyer, when in the Reagan CIA, was the first man to fully embrace bloodless but total victory against the Evil Empire. Milton Friedman articulated free-market benevolence as well as anyone in the twentieth century, and Ayn Rand, with literary genius and an incisive, uncompromising mind, made the case for...(Read Full Article)