Self-Hating Jews, Self-Hating Americans, Self-Hating Whites

In 1970 Lolo Soetero, Barack Obama’s Indonesian stepfather, was hired by Union Oil to work in the company’s government relations division.  He was asked occasionally to go to dinner parties with visiting Union Oil executives and American engineers working in Jakarta.  It was naturally expected that his wife would accompany him, but Ann Soetero refused to go.  Lolo was baffled and angry.  Lying in his bedroom, Barry would listen to his parents argue.  “These are your people,” his stepfather would plead.  “They are not my people!” Ann would shout back. Writing his memoir two decades later -- or reporting the experience to Bill Ayers -- Obama sympathized with his mother.  The women wanted only to complain “about the quality of Indonesian help.”  Of course he didn’t know that, nor did Ann, since she turned down the invitations.  Some of the wives may have been interested in Balinese...(Read Full Article)