Obama's Locus

Analytical individuals keep asking how Obama can engage in talks with Iran, a country that makes no secret of its contempt for the United States. Discerning Americans of all stripes are horrified by Iran's never-ending screeds about wiping Israel off the face of the earth and are puzzled by Obama's staff patently answering these threats with euphemistic double talk -- knowing all along that they are merely parroting their boss's ideology. On "Face the Nation," Obama admitted that "a deal with Iran would only be of 10 years' duration."  In fact, Obama maintained that: If we cannot verify that they are not going to obtain a nuclear weapon, that there’s a breakout period so that even if they cheated we would be able to have enough time to take action, if we don’t have that kind of deal, then we are not going to take it. Besides not making any sense, Obama is basically acting as if he is playing in a sandbox with other...(Read Full Article)