Killing Nemtsov: Predicted by Putin, Carried Out by the Motherland

Editor's note: This article is part two of a series.  Part one is here. In his book America on Six Rubles a Day, Yakov Smirnoff wrote that in Soviet Russia, they didn't report plane crashes.  They would instead build an airfield around the crash site and announce that the plane landed ahead of schedule.  A more subtle approach is to make one doubt his own judgment with a rapid succession of simultaneous contradictory narratives, even if they merely project the Kremlin's own methods. Appearing as equal dots on the public radar, all these nonsensical chaff theories begin to compete for equal space and attention with the objective reality.  For as long as the mystery continues, manufactured absurdities will be debated on equal terms with facts, trivializing the crime, dishonoring the victim, eroding the public trust, and minimizing the moral and emotional impact. Additionally, since finding that the truth is a zero-sum game, every new deliberate...(Read Full Article)