Hillary Clinton Will Not Implode!

My initial encounter with Hillary Clinton (then Rodham) happened over 45 years ago, when I was unwittingly subjected to what turned out to be the first speech of her long and contentious political career.  I had returned to our mutual alma mater for my fifteenth college reunion and found myself seated in the audience of alumnae at her graduation. Hill was pretty mousy back then.  It was, after all, the cusp of the '70s, and she was likely hovering on the fringes of the hippie culture.  Her hair looked untamed, and she peered out at us through large, owl-like glasses.  Behind her on the stage sat the Wellesley Class of '69, by whom she had been chosen as the occasion's designated spokesperson. The speaker invited to give the commencement address was then-United States senator from Massachusetts and Republican Edward Brooke, who passed away only a few months ago after surviving well into his nineties. Once Brooke had delivered his address on that...(Read Full Article)