Common Core State Tests: I Refuse.

The collusion between big government, big business and private foundations conspired to develop a system of educational reform linking Common Core standards with special testing groups (SBAC and PARCC) to evaluate the implementation of Common Core. In the original federal legislation in 2009 (Race To The Top), SBAC and PARCC were created by the federal government with 365 million dollars for the express purpose of assessing the teaching of Common Core State Standards.The legislation did not explicitly name Common Core, but it used Common Core language. As the nation has learned more about Common Core and the SBAC and PARCC tests, the more people are shocked to find that Common Core means more than a change in just educational standards. It means loss of parental rights, loss of local control, and loss of accountability, transparency and flexibility. This is unacceptable. I refused to allow my daughter to take the Common Core aligned SBAC test last year and I am doing it again...(Read Full Article)