A Marxist View of the Democrats' Entitlement Economy

Karl Marx, considered the founding figure in the rise of communism, divided all persons into two classes: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Marx said that the bourgeoisie control all the wealth, they own the factories and other means of economic production, and they exploit and abuse the proletariat to profit off of their productivity or surplus value.  In the U.S. political arena, the Democrat Party has used the language of Marx in the sense of stating, as Marx did, that workers should enjoy better pay, a decent standard of living, and good health care.  They are the political party that understands the needs of workers, so they say in every campaign.  They are the defenders of the rights of Marx’s proletariat. The one great characteristic of Marx’s theory of society is that it has is a great flaw, in that Marx only spoke about the private sector of the economy, he never talked about the public sector.  But this oversight may be due to...(Read Full Article)