Was the 'Mattress Girl' Lying?

On February 3, Cathy Young of the Daily Beast published a long piece delving into the background of Emma Sulkowicz’s (mattress girl’s) rape allegations against fellow Columbia student Jean-Paul Nungesser. Since September of 2014, Sulkowicz has carried her mattress everywhere she goes on campus, stating that she will continue until her alleged rapist is expelled. Up until now, Sulkowicz has received almost universally positive media attention, even receiving an invitation to attend President Obama’s State of the Union address. But for the first time, a reporter has delved into the actual background of the case, interviewing the accused student and others familiar with the case, creating a very different picture of the case. When Sulkowicz began lugging her mattress around campus, she made herself the poster-girl for the supposed epidemic of rape on college campuses. In April 2013, Sulkowicz contacted the university authorities, alleging that during a consensual...(Read Full Article)