Toward a Winning Communications Strategy

Without a defined and implemented communications strategy, Republicans will lose more than the presidency in 2016. It is ironic that at the present time the party of Ronald Reagan, the man known as “The Great Communicator” should so often find itself unable to clearly define those policies that prompted success in the 2014 election and to effectively counter the dangerous and unpopular positions held by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. The relentless opposition of the mainstream media, the bias infecting much of our educational system, and the lack of political involvement on the part of many of our citizens have created an environment that demands a strong strategic communications response if the false promises and propaganda of the Left is to be countered in any meaningful way. It is likewise essential that the communications plan be implemented well in advance of the months leading up to the 2016 election. Trying to convey a message just in...(Read Full Article)