The Time Is Right for Cruz Control

Cruz Control for America?  Damned right. These times call for someone who does not fear the media, the Democrats, oor the Washington/New York Republican establishment.  We need someone who will plant a flag and draw a line in the sand, and mean it.  These times require someone who realizes that the biggest threat to the country today is Washington – a realization that for too long America has been held hostage to "how Washington works," when it's Washington that should operate in light of how America works. Ted Cruz fits the bill.  Some others might as well – a certain governor from Wisconsin comes to mind – but as of yet, the GOP establishment have not opened up their guns on Scott Walker.  Cruz has been under attack from those inside the Beltway since before he took the oath of office.  According to many in the establishment mindset, he is a problem precisely because he doesn't understand "how Washington...(Read Full Article)