The Lowest Form of War

President Barack Obama has again provoked criticism of how he talked about terrorist acts in the immediate wake of the brutal execution of Jordanian air force pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh by the sell-proclaimed Islamic State (IS). This follows earlier criticism comcerning the administration's failure to call the Afghan Taliban a terrorist organization. While there is some truth in the charges that Obama is indulging in political correctness or showing a reluctance to admit the extent of terrorism, there is also truth in the statement of White House spokesman Eric Schultz that the Taliban is an "armed insurgency" that uses terror tactics rather than being an actual terrorist group. Terrorism is the lowest form of war. It doesn't take much of an organization or force structure to plant bombs or assassinate foes. It is what adversaries do when they do not have the strength to do anything more, such as actually overthrow a regime or conquer territory. An...(Read Full Article)