The Left's War on the Poor

Why does the Left so hate the poor? For all its pious intonations of compassion, its consistent project has been to make their lives immeasurably harder. We could start, of course, with Johnson’s “War on Poverty” that not only ended in abject defeat -- the same percentage of Americans are in poverty now as were in 1967, when the “war” was initiated -- but stripped the poor of their one consistent network of support: the family. That sad and completely predictable result would be enough to prove the point.  But the complex ramifications of the many bad decisions and ill-considered legislative “fixes” are too numerous to recount in a single column and could not be remedied without a wholesale repeal that undid damage to the poor that has played out over 40 years.  It would take another 40 years to remedy it.  But we need not go back that far.  The Left’s war on the poor and working classes continues and is...(Read Full Article)