The Case of the Dishonorable Roland Dumas

To offend one group of people may be regarded as carelessness; to offend two at the same time looks like self-inflicted misfortune. The 92 year-old French Socialist politician and lawyer, Roland Dumas, managed to offend two groups on February 16, 2015 when he accused Prime Minister Manuel Valls of being under the influence of his wife, Anne Gravoin, a Jewish concert violinist. Feminists in France as elsewhere should be deeply offended by this disparagement of women, though they have not yet protested against the chauvinistic and unbecoming remark. Dumas insulted a gifted French woman who happened to be Jewish. Equally troubling is the evident implication of anti-Semitism, even if stated in an unctuous fashion.   The repugnant remark of Dumas comes at a moment when there is an increase of anti-Semitism, expressed verbally and by hostile action, in European countries, particularly in France where anti-Semitic actions doubled in 2014 compared with 2013. Most disconcerting is...(Read Full Article)