Same Sex Marriage and Dred Scott

America is at a constitutional crossroads.  The federal courts are threatening radically to revise the family law of all fifty states.  There is no Constitutional justification for them to do so.  If we don't stop them the American experiment will be at an end.  We will lapse back into government by an insular aristocracy, exactly what we waged the Revolutionary War to escape. Most observers now expect the Supreme Court to rule this year that the Constitution forbids states to define marriage as including only relationships between members of opposite sexes.  This forecast relies entirely on guesses about the mind, such as it is, of Justice Anthony Kennedy.  Guessing what's on Kennedy's mind isn't easy. In United States v. Windsor Kennedy held that the federal government cannot define "marriage" as the word is used in federal statutes.  It has to accept whatever definition the states give that word. This conclusion led...(Read Full Article)