Obama's Fanaticism

When Obama burst upon the scene, prescient souls saw through the mask and asserted that, like all alleged utopian dreams, his would only result in inequalities and injustices. As world-renowned Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi of the British Commonwealth, writes in his 2013 Haggada: Collected Essays on Pesach: In the history of the human mind there have been many utopias, imagined paradises. None has been realized.  Indeed the word 'utopia' itself means 'no place.' Utopias never happen because they come without a realistic map of how to get from here to there. They are discontinuous with the present. They can be brought about only by revolution, and almost without exception, [these utopian] revolutions replace iniquities and inequities with injustices of their own (33). Consequently Americans have been and continue to be deluded by a man who feels he is entitled to a divine right to rule over his subjects, the very subjects whom he reviles...(Read Full Article)