Obama the Clown

Beclowning is unbecoming for an American President. But for Barack Obama the clown suit fits fine. Our enemies are laughing; we are not. The past week has seen the latest manifestation of the disgraceful way Barack Obama has acted as President.  During an interview with Buzzfeed, Barack Obama mugged for the camera. His full narcissism was on display as our selfie-obsessed president became the first American president to use one of those selfie-sticks that have come to be increasingly banned in public spaces for their sheer obnoxiousness. Other stills can be found at my previous blog, Obama the Fool. As video of this frivolous behavior, that includes the inability to dunk a cookie into a glass of milk, trying on shades, drawing a picture of Michelle, sticking his tongue out, tossing an air basketball-can be found here. Even the New York Times described such behavior as humiliating yet Obama joked about his behavior by saying “Yolo”-you only live once. Tell...(Read Full Article)