No Trust for Hillary on the Left

Hillary?  Inevitable?  We’ve heard it before, haven’t we?  In 2007.  Now we’re hearing it again in 2015.  “It’s Hillary’s turn,” say pundits.  Others, scanning the horizon, say, “Who else but Hillary?” Yet among the Democratic Party’s activist left, Hillary isn’t a cinch.  The left has suspicions about Hillary and those may persist and fester.  Some liberals think that Hillary will say “what she needs to get elected, but would govern differently.”  Remarked CNN political contributor and liberal activist, Sally Kohn, last summer: “You wonder if it is a pivot or whether she [Hillary] is saying what the moment demands.” Similar to Kohn, the New York Times reported on February 17: Mrs. Clinton was often criticized by the right as a doctrinaire liberal during her husband’s presidency and, as a presidential candidate, ultimately ran as more...(Read Full Article)