Julian Castro and the Making of the Obama Myth

The people who created Barack Obama are already working on their next creation -- and that is Julian Castro. This warning comes in the wake of a 2014 blog piece that claimed Julian Castro would be added to the ticket only to boost Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning Texas in 2016. I disagree that this is the purpose of adding Castro; rather, he is set to become the “Hispanic Obama” as Tom Tancredo’s excellent 2012 piece claimed. The main point here is that it is dangerous to underestimate the left’s ability to create political myths and Julian Castro is the perfect figure for this. While Barack Obama has always been arrogant about becoming president, two recent examples are particularly galling. Although he was said to be joking, in his recent State of the Union Obama reminded the country that he’d won two elections. More recently, Obama’s team (and no doubt Obama himself shares the sentiments) mocked Mitt Romney for not...(Read Full Article)