'What's the Big Deal With Selling Cigarettes?'

In the aftermath of the Eric Garner death in New York City, there has been ongoing analysis criticizing the NYPD’s response.  As you might recall, Garner was being arrested for selling loose cigarettes on a city sidewalk at the time of his death. Many have questioned the need for the NYPD to even enforce such a minor law violation. Others have called a law of this nature just another example of an overexpansion of government into the lives of citizens.  Beliefs like these ignore that every city has ordinances that exist for the purpose of improving the quality of life for its citizens, business owners, and visitors. Cities have panhandling laws that prevent people from being harassed by transient people who are begging for money. NYC having an ordinance about selling loose cigarettes is just another example of a local law that was passed to protect legitimate businesses and to prevent local “street dealers” from harassing...(Read Full Article)