They Are Not Liberals

Today’s self-proclaimed “liberals” would have no truck with the real John F. Kennedy, or LBJ, or Harry S. Truman, or Daniel Patrick Moynihan, or other patriotic liberals. If the phrase “patriotic liberal” has an odd clang today, you know exactly what I mean. Obama, for whatever talents he may possess, is not an American patriot. Try saying “The patriotic Obamas” and then try not to cringe. JFK was an unblushing patriot, Truman was, and in his grotesque way, so was LBJ. They were Cold War liberals, who defined their political position by kicking out the  totalitarian Left (Stalin Branch) from the Democratic Party, after the Soviets stole the atom bomb, took over half of Europe, and generally acted like ravening monsters in a cage. Our strategy in the Cold War was to keep them in that cage. John F. Kennedy was a liberal, but he didn’t go around the world ceremonially bowing down to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Emperor...(Read Full Article)