The Muslim World's (and Our) Moment of Truth

It looks like a Churchill moment in the world.  With the Charlie Hebdo massacres in Paris the French have had enough.  Finally -- finally! -- after years of terrorist murders followed by appeasement or worse, ordinary people are ready to take to the streets.  Politicians feel threatened by rising parties like UKIP in Britain, Marine le Pen’s Front Nationale in France, and PEGIDA in Germany.  As usual, Europe’s politicians try to smear their opponents as neo-Nazis, but that is a lie in most cases.  No warmongers need apply in Europe today.  But vigorous self-defense against Muslim aggression is now widely understood to be in the cards.  Europe’s many collaborators and appeasers are losing ground, as they did in the 1930s when the public finally saw that appeasing Hitler was doomed to fail.  The big parties are trying to coopt the new protest movement, but now they’re on the spot: If they fail to stop future terror...(Read Full Article)