The Left and Our Protectors

There is a grand theme running through leftism in America.  However much it professes to honor the men who keep us safe, the left quietly abhors these men.  The NYPD knows this, and so its members turn their back on a mayor who turned his back on them.  Obama showed this bigotry towardsour protectors in July 2009 when he condemned the arrest of Henry Gates by the Cambridge Police Department.  This is an old theme of leftism.  “Police brutality!” was screeched throughout the 1960s and 1970s by leftists who watched violence engulf vast swaths of big cities, insuring that the blacks and other minorities in these areas would have hopelessness and dependency.  Protecting people from violent crime and businesses from robbery and vandalism is an indispensable step in making these areas livable and decent, and only resolute policing can do that.  Our men in the military are in the group of those who protect us, too.  Obama seemed...(Read Full Article)