Supporting Journalists in the Front Line

On January 8, in Tehran, after the massacres in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices, journalists carrying flowers and candles gathered outside the building that had once housed the Association of Iranian journalists, to pay their respects to their slaughtered colleagues in Paris. The security forces of the current regime, however, ever fearful of any assembly, prevented them from gathering near the building that has been padlocked since the August 2009 raid by the regime’s security forces. When journalists in the West are attacked or killed simply for doing their job, millions take to the streets; where is the support for the brave journalists and cartoonists in countries such as my motherland, Iran, where Islamist oligarchs reign? Where then is the support for the many pressmen, bloggers, and cartoonists on the front lines of the fight for the freedom of expression, and those who stand against the Islamist zealots? In Saudi Arabia last week, the 30-year-old blogger Raif...(Read Full Article)