Substandard MSM Reporting on Climate Change in Alaska

Over the last few days, three major newspapers have reported on Alaska's climate. Unsurprisingly, there are problems in each article. At the Washington Post, Philip Bump discusses how "Anchorage, Alaska never saw a day below zero in 2014" and then states that "Complete annual records from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration begin on Jan. 1, 1954." That's odd, since complete annual records from the NOAA National Weather Service online database for Anchorage appear to begin in 1917, not 1954. The L.A. Times has a piece on Anchorage's climate, and it shows the graph below of the lowest temperature each year for the city, going back to 1953. How does the L.A. Times show annual data for 1953, if the annual data doesn't begin until 1954? And what data is NOAA-NWS providing for Anchorage that starts in 1917? Regardless, starting a climate change time series for Anchorage in the mid-1950s is a concern. Let's have a look at...(Read Full Article)