Spot the Homophobes

Brett Baier and Gary Sinise were scheduled to deliver talks at a conference of Legatus.  This is an association of Roman Catholic businessmen.  Upon the provocation of “Good as You,” a blog run by a catty gossip-hound and character assassin named Jeremy Hooper, Baier and Sinise withdrew from the conference.  In a letter sent by Legatus to its 5,000 members, the following explanation was given: I write to inform you that Gary Sinise and Bret Baier, our two headline speakers for the 2015 Summit, have cancelled their appearances.  In concert with their respective advisors, both of their decisions were in reaction to the speaker presence of Paul Darrow, a gentleman who speaks about Same-Sex-Attraction and how the Catholic Church is addressing the needs of such individuals in a sensitive, compassionate manner through an organization called Courage. LifeSiteNews explained the connection between this bizarre decision and Hooper’s blog: FOX...(Read Full Article)